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Delivery for Stitch Fix - Phoenix Catering

Here at Scoopwell’s we love to serve families and local businesses. That’s why we were so excited when Stitch Fix called and requested a catering order for their employees! Check out how we were able to support them!

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We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. When a client calls for a Phoenix catering order, we ensure our communication is clear and that their order is confirmed so that everything goes smoothly right up until delivery.

For this particular catering order Stitch Fix, headquartered here in Phoenix, asked us for 590 cups of edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and delicious toppings. These single serve cups would provide employees with their own dessert, free from any type of community sharing.

Since this was such a large request to fill we got right to work formulating a game plan! Our store manager kindly came in on her day off at 8pm and worked with the team until 4am, finalizing the order to perfection.

We delivered the dough on time for both delivery windows per the client request, day and night shift, and the cookie dough was a hit! We loved seeing how much the employees at Stitch Fix enjoyed their treat, and we can’t wait to serve them again.

We take pride in our ability to quickly turn large catering orders in very short windows of time. Here at Scoopwell’s we are committed to customer satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to exceed our clients' expectations!

Do you have a company event or family party here in Phoenix that you need catered? Contact us today, or check out our Catering Services in Phoenix here. We would love to help!


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