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Answering all your Cookie Dough questions & why we are the Best Dessert in Arizona!

Q: Is the dough safe to eat without baking?

A: Yes, it’s specifically made to be eaten straight from the mixing bowl. We utilize heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs to take the worry away. 


Q: But I thought you couldn’t eat raw eggs?

A: Much like the heat treating process of the flour, the pasteurization process for eggs eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria so all the doughs are safe to enjoy without baking.


Q: Can you bake the dough into cookies?

A: For sure, what would dough be without options? Baking instructions are conveniently located on top of our to go lids. For reference, we recommend baking for 7-9 minutes at 350 degrees.


Q: How big are the different sizes?

A: You can order dough in 4, 7 or 10 mini scoop sizes. Mix and match all of our flavors as you please.


Q: Can you add additional toppings to your dough?

A: The more the merrier…we make your dough, your way, every time! You want additional toppings, fire away. They are $0.75 per extra topping. We even have a naked dough that enables you to start your dough with a blank slate. 


Q: How long does the dough keep before spoiling?

A: Our dough is best eaten within 2 weeks from the refrigerator, or within 1 month from the freezer.


Q: Is the dough safe to eat if I have nut allergies?

A: Although we do clean and sanitize everything diligently after use, we utilize a variety of nut based ingredients in several recipes within the same kitchen. However, if you don’t have a severe nut allergy, we have lots of options that don’t contain any nut based ingredients.


Q: Do you offer Gluten free or Vegan products?

A: We are constantly rotating flavors, but we always have at least one Gluten Free and one Vegan dough available freshly mixed for your delight. We don’t want anyone feeling left out. 


Q: How can I order dough online? Do you ship outside of Arizona?

A: Click the button at the top of our site that says 'Order Online' and you can get the best dessert in Phoenix delivered straight to you. We now ship nationwide as well, so don't let borders determine your dessert. 


Q: Are you hiring?

A: We are always looking for happy, energized, talented people to join the Scoopwell’s team for a variety of roles. Please send an email to to express your interest with a corresponding resume and short description on why you are the right fit for our team. The Scoopwell’s team will be in touch to set up an in person interview should availability exist.


You have the questions, we have the answers (well at least most of the time). Feel free to drop us a note at with any additional questions and we’ll be sure to get back to you asap. 

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