Scoopwell’s from-scratch gourmet edible cookie dough, is spooned straight from the mixing bowl. No oven needed! And yup, the secret recipes are made safe (and delicious) to eat unbaked! For the faint of heart, try our rotating selection of freshly baked cookies or take home our dough yourself and bake it into warm, gooey cookies. Want a little chill with your problem. Try our scrumptious ice cream sandies or the fan favorite "Night Shift". Now available all day long, we take your choice of dough, half-bake it to order, add vanilla ice cream, and finish this delicious work of art with homemade whip and a topping of your choice. We dare you to try and not eat every last morsel! 

And don't forget...Scoopwell's travels! Whether you are in Peoria, Scottsdale, Gilbert or Tempe, give us a call. We cater to the entire greater Phoenix area. 


We are a husband and wife team working hard to make your dough dreams come true. After a 10 year hiatus from the Valley, we are moving back from New York City on a mission to bring happiness to others, one scoop of dough at a time.


With two sets of twins as qualified taste testers, we are confident our recipes are not only safe to eat raw but certifiably delicious.

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Sunday – Thursday   12 PM – 10 PM

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