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John and Kendra Scheer

After nearly 6 years in NYC grinding away in Investment Banking, we desperately sought a life that would better include our family, and fill us with greater purpose and meaning. 

Given our sweet tooths and desire to create a family-centric business, Scoopwell’s was born.

"Most of all, we love family and friends. We love bringing joy to people’s lives and believed Scoopwell’s would provide the perfect opportunity. Being more engaged as a family and within the community remain core principles that our business was founded on and continues to run on."

- John Scheer


  • We are high school sweethearts & dated all through college before marrying after graduation

  • For the last 10 years, we have been a bit nomadic. Tucson - Phoenix - New York City -Durham, NC - New York City - Phoenix 

  • We have 2 sets of twins plus two more (6 in total) - AKA the dessert critics 

  • Our family can eat more dessert than most would say is humanly possible

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